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Our menus, crafted by Michelin-starred chef, Cornelius Gallagher, are inspired by, and locally sourced from, the amazing regions we visit. Choose casual or upscale, sushi or Italian, dining room or alfresco under the stars. With up to a dozen specialty restaurants, and an array of bars, lounges, and clubs, every experience takes you on a journey. And with Celebrity's Select Dining, when you dine, and with whom, is entirely up to you. We’ve crafted first-class protocols and procedures to assist and safeguard guests while cruising in hurricane season. All our itineraries were created with great consideration to provide both unparalleled experiences and quick evacuations in the event of an emergency. Not to mention, our ships are destinations in themselves, so guests can continue relaxing and exploring while on board and inside. When you sail with Princess, find peace of mind that your safety is always our top priority.

Alaska Adventures

Cruiseshipgroup has been traveling to Alaska for more than 20 years. In the following articles, we share some of our observations, tips, and experiences in The Last Frontier. Paris has the Eiffel Tower and New York has the Empire State building, but Alaska’s glaciers rival even some of the greatest landmarks around the world in terms of statuesque beauty. Towering high above the surrounding sea, the glaciers all seem insurmountable… and some really are, due to their sheer size and steep grade. The best way to view these icy behemoths up close is by sea; a highlight of any trip to Alaska. Here are the five best to visit glaciers to see.

What to Pack for an Alaska Cruise

Possibly the most famous of all 38 glaciers that make up the Juneau icefield, Mendenhall Glacier is located in the Tongass National Forest–the largest protected forest in the United States. This is one stop where you can see everything up close, on land. Embark on a 3.5 hour hike to see incredible vistas of the glacier itself as well as wildlife, including the park’s famous beavers. But even if you don’t opt for a shore excursion, the bright blue ice calving off the glacier and drifting downstream is a spectacular sight in and of itself.

Why Your First Cruise Should Be to Alaska

Thinking of going on a cruise but a bit daunted by all the choices out there? For a novice cruiser the sheer number of ships and itinerary options around the world can have you overwhelmed and deciding to stick with your vacation status quo. Cruising can be a game changer though when it comes to how you vacation – and how much you vacation – and it’s something everyone should try. We’re here to make picking your first cruise easy for you by telling you that you should go on an Alaska cruise for your intro to cruising. Here’s why.